The full “Get Ready for School” DVD is available in the UK from Learning Solutions

Assessing Neuromotor Readiness For Learning – Blythe ISBN 9781119970682

Physical Activities for improving children’s learning and behaviour – Cheatum and Hammond ISBN 0880118741

Take Time – Nash-Wortham and Hunt ISBN 1869981502

Reflexes Learning and Behaviour – Blythe ISBN 0961533285

Get Physical!: An Inclusive, Therapeutic PE Programme to Develop Motor Skills – Lois Addy ISBN 18555034069 (KS1)

Speed up! A Kinaesthetic Programme to Develop Fluent Handwriting – Lois Addy ISBN 978185

Smart Moves, Why Learning is Not All in Your Head – Carla Hanniford ISBN 915556-27-88

Sensory Integration and the Child – Jean Ayres ISBN 87424-158-8

Movements that Heal – Harald Blomberg and Moira Dempsey ISBN 9781742840529

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Hands On – How to use Brain Gym in the classroom- Isabel Cohen and Marcelle Goldsmith ISBN 942143-12-4

Stopping Hyper-activity -Nancy E. O’Dell and Patricia A. Cook ISBN 978-0895297891

Movement and Learning Songbook and CD- Brendan O’Hara ISBN 646 199208

Movement and Learning – Wombat and his mates – Brendan O’Hara ISBN 646 199208

Movement and Learning – Beanbag Ditties – Brendan O’Hara

Write dance– Ragnild Oussoren ISBN 9781849203883

Write dance in the Early Years – Ragnild Oussoren ISBN 9781849203920