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EASIE (Exercise and Sound in Education) is a programme for children in Nursery and the Early Years developed by Brenda Lloyd of the Developmental Practitioners’ Association. It consists of 6 sets of simple exercises and suggested music for listening. The exercises are designed as a guide to a child’s stage of neuro-physiological development.

The exercises provide the opportunity for children to use the movements necessary for the body and brain to reach readiness for learning. They are vital for those who have missed early stages of development or have regressed for various reasons.  They also provide a very early indication of difficulties and aim to prevent later learning and behaviour problems.

Each set of exercises, and music selected for listening, are used for one week so that the programme, at each level, takes six weeks. Those children identified as having delayed neuro-physiological development can progress to EASIE 2, a further 6 week programme, which can also be adapted for junior or secondary age children.

The sound element is based on the principle that music stimulates the brain and helps to develop hearing and listening skills.

The programmes works best when incorporated into everyday routine.