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Neurodevelopmental Delay

Janice works with clients of all ages to help them integrate their primitive reflexes. She uses an integrative approach, drawing on her wide experience of movement programmes to find the best methods for the individual.

Much of her work is with families when parents are concerned that their children are struggling at school or not meeting their developmental milestones.

Janice also works with individuals and small groups in schools, assessing need and devising programmes to support learning.

A full reflex assessment enables parents to understand  how to best support their children. Simple movements are given which need to be done on a daily basis to get maximum benefit. Clients are seen every 4-6 weeks for a period of approximately 12 months.

Brain Gym®

Janice uses Brain Gym® to enable individuals to reach their goals through the Brain Gym® balance procedure. This typically lasts for about an hour and starts with the opportunity to explore goals. Having set the goal the individual is encouraged to notice how they are functioning  in relation to this goal through a series of simple pre-checks.

Brain Gym® movements are then used to facilitate change and open up new possibilities.