Welcome to Move to Maximise!

As a lifelong learner of any age you’ll learn faster and more effectively if the learning is fun.  Move to Maximise is committed to supporting learners of all ages and backgrounds to develop their potential in a fun, relaxed, stress-free way.

When stress overwhelms our brain it is unable to function effectively – the brain becomes ‘short-circuited’ and this is a major cause of learning problems. We revert to old habits, or ‘programmes’, often governed by our infant reflexes.

Move to Maximise uses a combination of methods to reduce stress and make learning lighter for all learning organisations and age groups:

  • Rhythmic Movement Training to integrate primitive reflexes and support neuro-physiological development.
  • Exercise and Sound in Education (EASIE) a programme of 6 sets of simple exercises and suggested music also to support neuro-physiological development.
  • Brain Gym® movements help to remove learning blocks and improve performance.
  • Touch For Health Kinesiology can help to identify emotional or energetic blockages and restore balance to body, mind and spirit.
  • NLP techniques to manage your state, change mood, build self-esteem and recognise choices. NLP is embedded in all Move to Maximise activities.
  • Coaching and Mentoring will support you in identifying and achieving your goals.
  • Tailored workshops using interactive games, music and beanbag activities specifically for Pre-school, Nursery and Primary teachers, parents, carers and anyone who is interested in helping children to maximise their learning potential.
  • One to one sessions provide the opportunity to focus on personalised goals and take action to achieve them.

Working with Move to Maximise will bring discernible benefits to your personal and professional lives.

To find out more about how Move to Maximise can support your setting, school, college or business please click here.