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Forget past mistakes. Forget failures. Forget everything except what you’re going to do now and do it! 

William Durant, founder of General Motors


Imagine maximising your potential, achieving your goals and becoming more of the person you would like to be. Coaching with Move to Maximise can help you achieve this.

Move to Maximise uses the NLP coaching model to take you through a process that will enable you to set clearly defined goals (both short and long term) and support you in harnessing the resources to achieve them. You will action plan the small and large steps needed along the way and gain an awareness of how to maintain the impetus of change.

Whether your goal is to set up your own business, to improve your personal relationships or to improve your health, Move to Maximise can offer a dynamic programme that will enable you to do this.


As part of her role as an instructor, Janice mentors students through their training to help them achieve their goals and deepen their learning.

She is also a qualified Health Creation Mentor and works with individuals to make lifestyle changes and improve their health and wellbeing. She has mentored clients with serious and life threatening illnesses and also offers mentoring to carers.

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