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What is Brain Gym®?

Brain Gym® is a movement based programme that helps to reduce the stress that many learners experience when faced with learning challenges or blocks. A number of schools across the country are using Brain Gym® to help their children learn more effectively. They are noticing that children are behaving better, are spending more time on task and that their focus and concentration are markedly improved. The exercises are simple and can be used with all ages, including early years. In the classroom, Brain Gym® is wonderfully inclusive, as it can be used as part of learning support in the classroom without singling children out – it will benefit all children, but those that need it most will benefit most. It also empowers the child, who can use Brain Gym® for herself in times of stress. Brain Gym® is effective for everyone and is being used across all walks of life and with all ages to achieve improved performance – in schools, work places, homes for the elderly and in the sporting arena to name but a few. It is an holistic approach which works with individual needs and abilities to enable everyone to find learning easier and work towards achieving their goals. For more information visit

Please note: Brain Gym® is a registered Trademark of the Brain Gym International Foundation, Ventura Harbor Village, 1575 Spinaker Drive, Suite 204B, Ventura, California CA 930011.

How does Brain Gym® work?

Brain Gym® works by:

  • Helping to establish more effective patterns in the brain
  • Helping to manage stress • Building confidence and self-esteem
  • Helping to remove barriers to learning
  • Giving individuals tools that they can use for themselves
  • Enabling whole brain learning

How can Brain Gym® be used?

  • Initially, a simple set of 4 movements, known as PACE, can be used to prepare for learning
  • This is followed by a menu of 26 Brain Gym® movements which can be targeted at specific learning activities, e.g. writing, listening or memory
  • Learners can then progress to using the movements with a goal to further improve performance

What training options are there?

Training Options include:

  • 4 day Brain Gym® Foundation Course
  • Tailored staff INSET
  • Twilight sessions
  • Modelling using Brain Gym® with children

Be sure that you only attend training provided by licensed instructors. A register of all currently accredited Brain Gym® Instructors can be seen at